iOS 10 and Android

iOS 10 and Android N: Piling more frosting over a stale cake

iOS 10 and Android N tend to be a few short weeks from release, and clear that Apple and Google have both been slapping more frosting on his or her mobile systems. But beneath that sweet superficial coating, the main platforms both feel old and stale.

Now don’t get me wrong, you’ll find loads of new features within platforms, however are mostly small tweaks slapped onto stuff that’s really looking for a major revamp.iOS 10 and Android N: Piling more frosting on a stale cake

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“Here’s a tweaked messaging app. Here’s a tweak to how notifications are handled. Here’s a tweak towards the phone app. Here are some tweaks on the way we handle photos. Here’s some other emojis. You like emojis, right?”

And yes, the above mentioned statements can be applied to both iOS 10 and Android N. Even the changes that Apple and Google are going to do to their platforms can be summed up as generic one-liners.

In fact, products have gone a measure further and have absolutely now entered activity is where Apple and Google aren’t just copying each other, however they are copying features from the other person that the other company dropped looking at the platform in years past. 9apps For example, Apple has created widgets accessible on the lockscreen in iOS 10, which has been a feature that Google pulled from Android a number of years ago (presumably because individuals weren’t making use of it).

There’s also the endless cherry picking of features which were already open to users through OEM or third-party apps (for instance, the split screen and picture-in-picture feature introduced in Android N and zip new and both were available previously around the Samsung Note).

Hey guys, absolutely nothing is really new about copying a function that was already available. And most of that time period, when these kind of features are baked into the main system, it usually has less functionality and is also more restrictive compared to what was supplied by the third-party app.

And did anybody else notice just how much the new Messages app in iOS 10 seems as if the Facebook Messenger app? I understand that men and women like to express themselves textually, when you are able to emojify every word which has a corresponding emoji really wasn’t on the websites for on my listing of wants. I’d have much preferred a solution to back up messages when moving to an alternative device, or perhaps a Siri dictation system that works well.

Or why not a Messages app which was cross-platform, and i want to talk to everyone, not simply people within the Apple ecosystem.

But many families love Facebook Messenger, so Messages is now offering to be a clone of the usb ports.

With this all copying, both Apple and Google appear to be admitting that this other company’s vision into the future of mobile platforms may be right all along.

Another concern is that neither company is apparently willing to properly address their flaws. For example, Apple opening Siri to third-party developers won’t alter the fact that Siri is seriously lagging behind Google Now/Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa with regards to functionality. Similarly, Android N does not even attempt to address the enormous fragmentation problem that Android developers have to endure, nor would it do anything to assist get the new os out to existing Android users.

Both Apple and Google also appear to be expending lots of effort looking to “fix” the issues associated with having notification panels whizzing through the display and turning up while they await user attention, seemingly oblivious on the fact that this flawed notification system paradigm continues to be around for a long time (this panel-based system was annoying me in Microsoft Outlook before iOS and Android came within the scene), understanding that it’s probably never going to advance. At least in iOS 10 users now find the ability to just delete all notifications which has a single click – something Android users have experienced all along.

And yes, the irony on the fact how the best feature that both Google and Apple may give users to handle notification overload would be to offer an an easy task to way to delete the notifications en masse.

“But aren’t all os’s a bit stale?” I hear you may ask. Why yes, yes they may be. Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra both sense that they’re trying very difficult to convince you they are new and exciting and different, but beyond a couple of new tricks, they’re both critically the same as kinds.

And area of the reason why things get stale is that folks don’t like or want a lot of change, and have absolutely in recent years gone for the offensive if he or she were given a new challenge.

Microsoft, one example is, has over time tried to earn some fundamental changes, like removing the Start Menu from Windows 8, by coming out with Windows RT, a fresh platform that cut adrift numerous years of legacy code. But people didn’t much like the changes, so back came the Start Menu – detailed with ads – and Windows RT died about the vine because no person seemed to use a clue tips on how to market it, and consumers were confused with a “Windows” system that didn’t run “Windows applications.”

And additionally it is worth keeping in mind that throwing that old cake out and starting that has a new cake every couple of years doesn’t exactly work either. Microsoft has tried this strategy several times featuring its mobile platform, as well as 2 percent share of the market speaks volumes concerning how well that figured out.

Maybe people just need more frosting, despite the fact that too much of the usb ports might not be great for them.

I think we’re entering a phase where iOS and Android both feel “samey,” with all the differences being mostly ideological. The violent reaction that users were forced to changes in Windows should have made Apple and Google cautious with doing something that could upset their fandom, and Apple contains the most to get rid of, what with weakening iPhone sales, and the idea that iOS 10 will most likely be on over 80 % of devices each year from now (Google will probably be lucky if Android N will likely be powering ten percent of devices).

“Play it safe” would be the name in the game.

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