Moneyman Mini-credits up to 1200 euros personal online

Loans and Mini-credits in MoneyMan Request Online

In this article we will focus on the young company, but very successful. The MoneyMan financial institution only recently began its existence in Spain (since 2015). During the year, the company has become very popular, thanks to a wide range of microfinance services, such as micro-cash loans and mini quick loans. Based in Barcelona, and a franchise that belongs to Russia. In addition, MoneyMan has subsidiaries in Brazil, Georgia, Serbia and Kazakhstan.


MoneyMan – is one of the few companies that fully carry out their online activities. Without taking money from family and friends, you can get the necessary amount of up to 1,200 euros, without leaving your home, in a matter of minutes. The term depends on the amount requested varies from five days to four months. The final refund amount is calculated based on commission. In general, the conditions are not very different from the competing companies, which lend the money fast. Let’s say that you have decided to end your financial problems, and took a small loan of 200 euros for a period of 30 days. In this case, you will have to pay the amount of 266 euros, taking into account 2,334% of APR. On behalf of our portal, we recommend that you use the credit calculator on the official website of the company, because it is very easy and understandable.

If you have had to take a micro loan in competing companies in any organization, the registration procedure of the application will not be difficult for you. MoneyMan is technically very well organized, and you will be able to request your money at a single click. The official website of the company (, you will see a calculator by hand. All you need to do – is simply enter the desired amount (from 50 to 1,200 euros), and choose the most convenient period for you. Here you can see the amount of future interest immediately. For another action you will have to leave a phone number and your email, mobile, and enter your personal information and address.


We must point out that a quick loan applicant of MoneyMan must be of legal age and have a residence in Spain. For a week, you can apply for a credit only through the Internet, online. If you have any questions while filling out a form, you must call by phone that appears on the website.

For specialists able to quickly check your data and make a decision to issue a microcredit instantly, you also need to enter information about the amount of your salary or other income, as well as specify the size of the monthly income and expenses. It only remains to read the terms of conditions and wait for an answer to your request. Usually, it takes no more than fifteen minutes. In the case of a positive decision, you immediately get the money in your bank account.


Let’s meet the types of micro-loans in the MoneyMan company. The amount of the “Start” loan can be up to 300 euros (minimum 50). The next type – “Take off” will allow you to take a loan of up to five hundred euros. Type “Ascent” opens the possibility of recharging your wallet value of up to 700 euros. Class “Turbo” allows you to take up to 900 euros in extending the duration of up to three months. And finally, if you have justified the confidence of the company and timely return previous payments, will be available loan “Superturbo” with maximum of 1,200 euros and a term of up to four months.

Therefore, we are convinced that in order to obtain a loan immediately, we do not need to provide a document of your payroll or endorsement. In addition, guarantors and mortgaged property are not necessary. You just have to answer some basic questions. In addition, it is also possible to take a loan with Association ASNEF.


Another advantage of this financial institution is that you can take advantage of the awards system and a loyalty program. Okay, it’s good when you’re rewarded for the safe use of pleasant service. Get the fifth loan without interest – it’s easy. To do this, you have to invite a friend or family member to take a microloan from MoneyMan or leave your positive comments about the company.

We also note that the company will satisfy its customers and can understand if it has difficulties with the return of the loan over time. Depending on the reasons for the delay, the payment may be deferred, of course, with the payment of the corresponding fee.

Creditstar loan request 1000 euros in 10 minutes

Loans and Credits in Creditstar Solocitar Online

Today, many residents of European countries face fast loans, and this is not surprising, since very often we need money immediately. And if to take a regular consumer credit in the bank, it takes a lot of paperwork and time to visit the bank office, with the microcredit financial institution is a great possibility to solve your acute financial problems instantly.

Here we present the company Creditstar, which is a non-banking organization that offers personal rapid microloans for consumption and has ten years in the market. During this time the company has opened offices in eight countries – Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Great Britain and Spain. The company Creditstar Group is based in Tallinn, Estonia.


The success of Creditstar can be seen in the growing number of its users – the company has more than 100 thousand active clients. The company also introduced new services in the form of credit cards. However, even mini loans are the most popular products to date.

Given the simple mechanism of the loan, as well as the simple conditions and relatively long term in the first application, Creditstar remains one of the leaders among the population of European countries and now in Spain (based in Barcelona).

In the first operation, it will be available only to the amount of 300 euros with a return period of up to 30 days (early redemption is allowed). If it is applied again, and you do not have problems with the timely payment of the previous loan, in the future you will be able to obtain the amount of up to 1000 euros, with a maturity of up to 3 months. It should be noted that the APR at Creditstar is 3 422.24%, which is not the highest indicator, but neither is the lowest of the annual interest amount on the country.

For example, you take the first loan of 300 euros, in 30 days you have to return 390 euros. In order to compensate your urgent financial needs and apply for a loan instantly at Creditstar it is sufficient to have access to the Internet and open the official website of the company. On the homepage of the site you will find a loan simulator, where you have to enter the desired amount of your loan and the repayment term (the first time – up to 300 euros and a maximum of 30 days).


Then, you must register your personal account and enter the standard data, such as the mobile phone number, full name, address and DNI number (NIE). In addition, to send your application, you will have to enter information about your income, as well as to confirm the existence of the personal debit card (through the temporary charge of 0.01 euros from your account).

It should be noted that the company protects its security and every time it checks the solvency of a potential borrower, so in Creditstar there are very rare cases of loans without return. For its part, you can be 100% sure that your data will be protected.

Among the advantages of the company can be noted the possibility of extension (upon prior request through the website) as well as the possibility of early repayment of the loan.

To become a customer of the quick loan of Creditstar, you can be any person that meets the standard requirements of the company. Therefore, if you have a residence in Spain with a valid NIE or ID, you are over 18 years old, as well as a personal bank account, a regular income and a mobile phone, you can send a request and obtain a positive decision (according to the criterion of the employees of the company) without difficulty. If your data meets the requirements of the company and does not raise doubts about your ability to pay, you will receive your money quickly within 15 minutes after submitting the request.

Only you decide how to spend the money you have just received on your card – buy a motorcycle or pay a deposit, it is your right, but you have to remember that the most important thing is not to forget that paying your loan on time will help strengthen your credit history in the future and will give you several benefits.

Creditozen fast loans 300 € credits without payroll without endorsement

Loans and Credits in Creditozen Solocitar Online

Creditozen offers financial assistance in the form of a line of microcredits, which provide the ability to quickly solve their problems, obtain cash, without providing a plurality of values and long negotiations. This brand is a project of the Barcelona Zen Finance Ltd. According to the website, the company is officially registered in London and has offices in Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic.

So, what does it take to get a quick mini credit in Creditozen?

You must have DNI NIE of Spain, age 18 to 70 years, the lack of debt of the size of more than 3,000 euros by ASNEF, certificate of permanent income, a bank account and a mobile phone.


Creditozen, like its competitors from other banks, follows the rule to avoid defaulters and potential debtors. Therefore, the company also has access to a unique database of debtors and Asnef Equifax, to be able to quickly check the details.


If you do not pay the loan on time, you have to keep the fine and additional costs. We believe that adhering to our policy and credit conditions will always help you earn more for regular customers in this organization to continue offering larger sums.


In particular, you will not have to wait long for the answer to your query. Posted in the approval or denial of the loan will come to your mobile phone within 15 minutes. For customers who apply for the first time, always open to review by phone.


You can calculate the loan amount yourself, select the desired amount of money and the repayment term using the calculator on the website. After having calculated the desired amount, click on “Credit application” and you get immediate access to a special form where you have to make your necessary information, namely: name, number of days or set, a certificate different from the Payroll, as well as monthly income, such as pensions or unemployment benefits, monthly expenses, such as rent and mobile payment, and toto as well. If approved, the money is immediately credited to your designated bank account.


Many customers are interested in, if it is possible to implement loans in default for a week. Well, you should know that if you break the credit terms, you are bound to incur a penalty. It should be noted that the company offers loans with the lowest fees in Spain. You can check this by reading the terms of the loans.


New customers are eligible to apply for loans of up to € 300, while customers can request a maximum of € 500. To become a regular customer, it is necessary to comply with the terms of the contract and make payments on time.


In this way, this company can easily solve your immediate problem, thanks to fairly fair conditions.

Creditosi │ First free loan, up to 2000 euros online

Credit Yes Apply Online

CreditYes – do not say no to your needs

CréditoSí is a financial company that works online. CréditoSí offers microloans, mini-credits, lines of credit, loans and short-term and medium-term loans. The mission of this company is to help clients solve financial situations that have occurred. This company offers you a fast service, through which you have the possibility of having money in your bank account in less than 15 minutes.

How much money can be requested at CréditoSí?

With CréditoSí you can request from 50 to 2000 euros for whatever you want . You can return the money in comfortable installments of up to 12 months. For new clients the loans are from 50 to 1000 euros in mini-loans (term between 1 and 30 days). For credit lines between 300 and 1200 euros. And customers of the second and future loans in CréditoSí, may request up to 2000 euros . In the CreditSí website, you can interactively view the amortization table, where information about the amount you will have to pay each month (the date and the minimum monthly payment) is clearly specified. The total amount you will have to pay for your online loan is also calculated. Once you have been informed, you can close the amortization table and continue requesting money online in CréditoSí, by clicking on the “Apply now” button.

The portal for loans and quick credits , credit cards, mortgages recommends that when applying for a loan in CréditoSí, as in any other financial or microfinance company, do not request more money than you need, and thus you will save on the interest of the loan and you will be able to return it more easily .


What are the advantages of an online loan of CréditoSí?

CréditoSí online loans are easy to apply for. First free loan 40% discount for customers. 30% discount on the extension. HalCash. The company is committed to ease and direct treatment, without paperwork. Everything is transparent, with no hidden charges and no unpleasant surprises. Of course, you can request money online during the 24 hours without leaving home, or anywhere you are through your mobile, tablet or laptop. You can also contact CréditoSí by phone Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 20:00, and Saturdays from 08:00 to 20:00.

CreditYou help you solve problems of lack of liquidity with your fast credit lines. Forget about having to go to different offices to talk with employees, administrators and directors of banking institutions. Forget about long lines and uncomfortable work schedules that banks usually have.

CreditYou have an adequate solution for each client. Account with a high percentage of positive experience of the clients when requesting a loan. The conditions of the CreditS contracts are clear and fair. The loans are 100% secure , and your personal data is protected at all times. CreditYou have special offers for your regular and loyal customers. He is a member of the AEMIP – Spanish Association of Microloans. The company has automated financial systems to guarantee the customer a fast and comfortable service.


What are the quick credits for CréditoSí and who can apply for them?

CreditYou give you money for whatever you want . So you can say yes to your ideas. So you can say yes to your trips. So you can say yes to your purchases. And of course, so you can solve your financial problems with the maximum speed, to get out of trouble, to live quietly.

Request quick money and take advantage of the excellent offers that you need so much. Use the money to generate more money. Fund a trip and give your family a joy! Or use the money, to give yourself the whim you wanted so much. Quick loans from CréditoSí are affordable.

In CréditoSí to apply for a line of credit, you must be between the ages of 21 and 65. Have demonstrable monthly income, for example, have a payroll, collect unemployment or a pension. Not be registered in delinquency records, such as ASNEF, RAI, etc.

For online microloans consult the conditions in CréditoSí. The first loan is free .


How to return the money borrowed in CréditoSí?

The money borrowed in CréditoSí can be returned in accordance with the amortization table, on the established date, by paying the amount established. In the amortization table, the minimum monthly payment is indicated, but if you wish you can return a larger amount in each installment. In other words, carry out a total or partial early amortization of the credit amount (return the money partially or in full). recommends that you make payments on time, without incurring default, to avoid fines for delay, non-payment, and management of debtor positions. If for some reason your financial situation worsens, get in touch with CréditoSí and explain the situation and together you will reach an agreement so that you can return your credit online.

There are no situations without exit, there are only those for which the solution was not found at the moment. If you need money, ask for it at CréditoSí and enjoy solving your problems!

Online credits, first free loan Victoria Credit Online Request

Online credits, first free loan Victoria Credit Online Request

Crédito Victoria gives you your first free loan

Crédito Victoria is a website where you can get fast loans completely online . In a matter of minutes you can get up to € 800 without having to submit endorsement, payroll and no paperwork. Crédito Victoria will immediately give you an answer regarding the loan application and the transfer of the money to your card or bank account once the application is approved. Apart from this in Crédito Victoria you have the possibility of requesting loans with RAI and ASNEF, in case your debt registered in these files does not exceed 2000 euros.

You can use the Crédito Victoria urgent microloans for the purpose you want. At Crédito Victoria they will not ask you any heavy questions and you will not have to explain what you want your fast online loan for. Then, in this article published in the loan and credit portal, you will be able to see the characteristics of the Crédito Victoria products, the requirements and appreciate the existing advantages compared to other financial and microfinance companies online.

Apply for quick loans at Crédito Victoria – what is the procedure?

Ordering an urgent mini-loan online at Crédito Victoria is very easy. To begin, you have to perform the following steps:

The first thing to do is fill out the quick money request form online

To do so, you must access the corresponding web page by clicking on the “Request” button. Once you have entered the Credit Victoria page, you will see a selector with sliders, where you can choose the amount of money and the time you need to return it . If you are a new client, you can request between 50 euros and 300 euros for whatever you want. The first loan of Crédito Victoria is free. To return the money you can choose a term of 5 to 30 calendar days. If it is not the first time you request money in Crédito Victoria, you have the option of requesting a loan of up to 800 Euros. 800 euros is the maximum amount that a person in Crédito Victoria can request.

Depending on your choice, you can fill in the form, specifying your personal data, contact details and bank details, where the money will be sent instantly , once your quick loan is approved.

The second step is the verification of the data

To check the number of your mobile phone, you must follow the instructions that Victoria Victoria will send you. Apart from this, when carrying out the study of your loan application, the company can request other documents (a digitized image of your national identity document, foreigner identification number (residence permit) or passport, you can request an extract of the bank account that is in your name). This procedure is used to verify that the information you have entered in the form is true and valid. Crédito Victoria does not ask that all documents be sent in all the requests that are made, it is done depending on each specific case, in a simple, fast and comfortable way for the client .

The third step is receiving the money

Once the request for your microcredit is approved by Crédito Victoria, the money will be sent quickly to your bank account (within 15 minutes you will be able to enjoy your loan online).

What are the requirements to apply for a quick loan at Crédito Victoria?

Keeping in mind that the fast credits of Crédito Victoria are not guaranteed loans, they do not require guarantee or endorsement to be issued . It is also noteworthy that these micro loans are issued without payroll , and the only thing that must be done is to demonstrate the existence of some regular income, so that Crédito Victoria ensures that you have the possibility of making the refund of the requested money. They are loans with ASNEF, for which people included in lists of defaulters can also have quick money online . They are transparent, safe and friendly loans for the client, since Crédito Victoria offers you the first free loan .

Crédito Victoria gives you your first free loan

Requirements to request fast loans online at Crédito Victoria:

  • First of all you have to be over 21 years old.
  • You must reside in Spain and be in possession of ID, residence permit (NIE) or passport.
  • Have a mobile phone line.
  • Have a bank account in your name.
  • Have income that you can show by means of a receipt and that they are periodic. It can serve a payroll, an unemployment benefit, a pension, some type of official aid, a bank statement, etc.

What advantages does Crédito Victoria offer?

The first big advantage of Crédito Victoria is that you can get the first free loan . They are fast online credits, transparent and simple. Money requests are simple and processed in a matter of minutes. Victory Credit website is ready to access with any device (a desktop computer, a laptop, a mobile phone, tablet, etc.). You can make the requests wherever you are and at any time. It is not necessary to have payroll or endorsement . Crédito Victoria also issues loans with ASNEF or RAI.


Credit fast loans up to 800 euros in 15 minutes

Loans and Credits in 1Credit Apply Online

There is no doubt that none of us is immune to unexpected financial problems. The good thing that we know today is that the best way to deal with urgent problems is to take a microcredit online. In previous articles of, we already talked about the advantages of instant loans and how to choose the lender.

Surely, you already know a lot about how to choose a mini credit, with all the information that there is on the subject on our website. Now it is time to go deeper into the subject and limit the search to the best microfinance institutions. is a young financial institution based in Barcelona. Its main advantage is that the company creates efficiency and reliability.

In fact, getting your money fast online is possible in just 15 minutes after your application! Maybe it sounds a little incredible to you, but it’s true. Why are we so sure of a perfect result? First, the company has a lot of positive feedback from customers. In addition, credit conditions are very accessible, which can not be said of many other competitors. Getting a quick loan has never been easier.


The competitive advantage of the company is a payment extension service. Not all lenders offer this service. Although the use of this service is not recommended, it is a priority to pay the debt on time. It is better to prepare in advance of the payment date, since it is not difficult to separate a little money to pay. You should understand that if a late payment is made, it can later affect your credit history, and you can easily be denied the next loan.

However, if you face some insurmountable obstacles to pay the mini loan at the agreed time, then 1Credit allows you to extend the repayment period in up to thirty days, but you will have to pay a commission. Just get in touch with the customer service and explain to the agent your situation. However, we do not recommend voluntarily and consciously delaying the payment of your credit.

The first time you can request between 50 and 300 euros. This is enough to solve some immediate problems, right? However, if to solve this situation, you need a larger amount, then you can ask for more, but this can only be done after the payment of the first loan. If you do not have problems with paying the loan on time, the second time you will be able to enjoy quick money in the amount of 50 to 800 euros. This amount will be enough to solve your problems and wait until the day you receive your salary, right?

Just go to the website and spend only 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire and data verification. On the main page of the site there is a simple form. It is very simple and you will not have problems with filling. You will have to enter your personal information such as the full name, date of birth, place of work, income information, and of course the DNI / NIE numbers. 1Credito is a decent company, and it is not necessary to take risks. It should not surprise you that after the introduction of information about your person, it is also necessary to provide a scanned version of a reference copy of the work or other proof of income.


In addition, you will have to provide a copy of your bank book or a photo of your online accounts – bank. All these data are necessary for security companies. Absolutely all these companies require this information, so it is not surprising at all. If you do not provide reliable information about your identity and your income, you will not be approved even a mini-credit of even 100 euros. Therefore, we must take it seriously.

Once you have completed the survey, click on the “Apply Now” button, and wait for a response from the specialists. Any decision on your request, you will know it through SMS or email. If approved, your precious online loan will be transferred to your designated bank account in 15 minutes. How fast! Once the money is credited to your account, you will be able to dispose of them as you wish. But do not forget that the money must be returned on time.

So, what is the most important in this process? It is necessary to have a computer, or even a phone or tablet connected to the Internet. But before filling out a form, you need to make sure that it meets the requirements of the company. You must be over 18 years of age, be a citizen of Spain and be able to confirm your identity with ID or NIE. In addition, you must be the owner of a personal bank account and a mobile phone. And, of course, do not forget the income certificate.


Maybe you still have questions about one more thing – the commissions. Unlike all the others, 1Credito has a very special collection system. All online credit expenses are calculated individually for each client. Then, the final amount you will only know after filling out a form and sending the request. What could be more fair?

The portal wishes you all the best in the financial field!

Your first free loan with Net Credit

Your first free loan with NetCredit


So that you can enjoy your first free credit we present you the microfinance company NetCredit. It is one of the fast loan companies represented on our website. With this microcredit company you can receive your first money instantly for free if it is an amount of no more than 300 euros.

You already know that there are unexpected situations require fast money to move forward. It is important not to make up the problems and try to solve them as soon as possible, and the loans will instantly help you get it.

Before, when faced with great difficulties to get to the end of the month, the person was forced to seek money borrowed from friends and family. Now it also happens, but not always your friends or relatives have the possibility of lending a few hundred euros. And the worst of these unforeseen situations is that time runs against the clock and against you. The problem persists and the solution does not come.


Do not be alarmed! With there is always a solution for your first free loan. This way you can get to know this financial product well without having to pay commissions for using a loan.

From now on, you will know the ways to borrow money for free, to return it comfortably, to enjoy extensions and advantages offered by this company with proven experience.

How to receive a free credit with NetCredit?

To take the first step towards the financial solution of your current problems, enter from our website to the NetCredit website and you will see the comfortable offers they have. Once inside the site, you will have to choose the amount of your first free credit and the date to return the money. You will see different offers, with different amounts, terms and costs of the loan, depending on the option you choose. But remember that with your first loan will always be free. From 50 to 300 euros are waiting for you without any interest. Then you must indicate your personal information, and wait for your credit request to be processed. Once your fast money request is approved, in a few minutes you will receive your first free credit.

How to pay a quick loan with NetCredit?


You will have different forms of loan payment at your disposal. The most common forms of payment of a credit are by income at the window or by online transfer or at a branch. They are comfortable and easy to use. Before making the payment make sure you have correctly indicated all the data so that the money arrives well and within the established period.

Paying on time is very important, since in the future you will have a good credit history and you will be able to enjoy other quick loans with Netcredit or with other micro financial companies represented in

If for some reason you can not return a loan within the established period, we give you the possibility of making an extension of the loan, or in other words, request an extension of the loan.

How to request an extension of a quick loan in NetCredit?

To extend your online loan, you must contact NetCredit and agree on the new terms for returning the money borrowed. There is no problem, it is better to extend it than to default. The extension of the credit has a small cost, but this cost will always be lower than the costs and inconveniences that delays in the return of the fast borrowed money can generate.

Advantages of NetCredit loans

One of the great advantages, of course, is that NetCredit gives you your first free loan. It is a way to solve your problems without having to pay interest for using borrowed money. It is also noteworthy that as a first free credit you can enjoy up to 300 euros. In total you can request an amount of up to 600 euros, through our web site An excellent amount to overcome the cost of any month with a smile. NetCredit offers one of the lowest interest rates in the market for the use of borrowed money online. It is very important for the future.

Your first non-payroll loan without a free guarantee with Dispon

Your first non-payroll loan without a free guarantee with Dispon

If you need a free loan, with your first loan will be free. Apply now for your quick money instantly in Dispon and you will benefit from your first borrowed money without paying a commission euro.

We know perfectly well that in the day to day unforeseen situations can arise in which we need to request a loan. It is not always possible that the company or company where you work gives you advance money. Borrowing money from a bank also does not become an easy task, since normally these financial institutions usually require too much documentation to lend money, no matter how small the amount. The best solution in these situations is to request a quick loan, which with Dispon will not cost you much, especially considering the great advantage of the first free loan offered by this microfinance institution. In the portal we present it to you.


How to get money borrowed with

To have your free loan you must fill out a simple form, in which you must indicate the amount of money you need, so that the system can begin to process it. You can find the form by clicking on our web site and then on It’s easy enough to get the first free credit. In 10 minutes or even less, the microloan company will finish analyzing your request and you will be able to enjoy an amount of up to 400 euros in case it is your first loan with Dispon. You can enjoy your fast money online absolutely free, without any cost, if you make the return of the loan within a period not exceeding 10 calendar days. In general, if this is the first time you borrow money from this company, you can benefit from 400 euros, with a return period of up to 33 days.

It should also be noted that, among the microloan services available in the microfinance market, Dispon offers the simplest and fastest conditions. They do not require any kind of endorsement and no complicated documentation. They will not ask you for explanations, nor will they ask you why you need fast money.

How to return a quick loan? has at its disposal the most comfortable forms of fast credit returns. The refund can be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card, or making an account deposit. They are comfortable and widely known forms.

The data to make the return of the money can be consulted by entering the website of the company or calling by phone. The professionals of Dispon will provide you with all the information you need and you can choose the most convenient way to return your loan online, and which best suits your needs.

What are the advantages of Dispon quick loans ?

For some time, the policy of Dispon has been based on maximum customer satisfaction, and constant work is being done to improve the services offered day by day. Available the first free loan and offers excellent financial conditions for customers who want to repeat. The deal is always fair, without cheating, without scams or abuses. It gives you the option to make advance payments on the loan, thus allowing you to save money. It is a very convenient option, which is not offered by many microfinance companies. They have some of the lowest market interests, making your loans advantageous. It is very important to save money. They do not require you to be working to request quick money. It is very comfortable, since you will not be asked for a guarantee or a payroll when requesting a loan. Pensioners can also request a quick credit. Being retired does not become an obstacle to enjoy quick money online with Dispon. Nor do you need to own a home. You can rent and not have a home of your own to request a quick loan with this company.

These are all advantages that will allow you to apply for your first free loan. You can enjoy your future loans with the lowest interest rates in the market and the best financial conditions, in a fair and friendly way.

Ahead! Your quick money is already waiting for you at

Your first free credit with Wonga

Your first free credit with Wonga

If you need a free or almost free loan, the Wonga microfinance institution offers you a loan for only 5 euros. It is an excellent option to enjoy online mini-credit practically free of charge. An online microcredit can be a great help in many unexpected and force majeure situations that may occur in the life of each one of us. Sometimes inconveniences arise, such as the need to do a car repair that can not wait, or the renovation of appliances. You may also need to urgently pay a utility bill, or the services of a locksmith or plumber. As you know, many situations can happen, in which an online and free loan will go great.

And as we know, emergencies require money urgently. And if you do not have the necessary amount at the moment, your solution is to request a mini-credit in the Wonga company. The loan for only 5 euros is a miraculous offer. Wonga is a very reliable microloan company with good opinions, which we will describe in detail here on our web site, so you know how to get free money. Requesting urgent money in Wonga, apart from solving your financial situation, you will be able to familiarize yourself with this financial product, which will cost you almost nothing. For example, asking for a small amount of free credit in a bank today is almost impossible. And if we compare the pile of paperwork they ask for, and the time it takes to analyze the application, the inconvenience is evident. Better go to a micro financial company that issues good amounts of money, practically free and instantly. There you can ask for as much money as you need, starting at 50 euros, and no one will ask you to urge you.


How to receive a free loan with Wonga?

With the micro financial company Wonga it is very easy to receive an almost free loan, for an amount that does not exceed 300 euros. The algorithm of your steps is very simple – you have to choose the amount of money you need and the repayment terms of the loan. Then your request will be processed, and when your fast money online is approved, you will receive it instantly in your bank account.

For example, if you request 300 euros, you only have to return 305 euros. It is an excellent option of borrowed money practically free.

How to extend a quick loan with

Whenever you want to return your loan online after the deadline, you can request an extension. It is important that you request the extension of your credit before the return date. The extension of the payment term will have a small cost, but the interest rate will not change. It is a very good option and will allow you to have a longer period to make the payment, and at the same time not incur in non-payment. It is very important to extend the term of the loan if you face difficulties with paying, since this way you can return all borrowed money later and without worsening your credit history.

How to return a quick loan with Wonga?

The company Wonga offers several options at your disposal so you can return your loan quickly without problems. It is possible to make the payment with a bank card (debit / credit), by means of a bank transfer, or also by making an automatic recovery of the loan from your debit card.

What are the advantages of Wonga credits?

The first big advantage is that your first credit in Wonga will be practically free and it will only cost you 5 euros, regardless of the amount of quick money you need. For example, if you request 50, you return 55; if you will request 250 – you will return 255, and so on. In total, you can enjoy amounts between 50 and 600 euros. The first time it is possible to request only an amount of up to 300 euros, and the following times up to 600.

We, as a team at, should point out that you will have excellent money maturities – up to 60 days to return your online credit . As you can see, it is very easy to enjoy the best interests of the microfinance market, since Wonga has practically free advantageous loans.

You can also extend the deadline for returning the money, if you do not have the possibility to pay on time. For this you only have to contact the specialists of Wonga, inform them about the desired return period of your loan and extend it.

Your online loan with Creditomovil

Your online loan with Creditomovil

What can worsen a Christmas atmosphere more than the lack of money these days? All of us need money to make gifts for all friends and family, as well as having a good holiday. At any other time of year we can survive without additional expenses. But let’s talk clearly – to enjoy these holidays perfectly and solve such unforeseen events we need a little magic, that is – more money. A Christmas miracle is already at your reach, and it’s called Creditomovil.


The microfinance provider gives you money online instantly whenever you want. To start, you just have to enter the company’s website – and choose the amount you need. Then fill in a very simple form and indicate your personal information. Now you can prepare your bank card – you will receive your borrowed money in a few minutes.


As we already tell you in our microfinance portal, the Creditomovil company has very good reviews and is always on the side of its clients. With your help you can get 50 to 700 euros at any time, totally online. The return period is also very convenient – you can pay your mini credit within a period of up to 45 days.


The mechanism works pretty fast. In only five minutes you will be able to know the answer of the specialists of the company, and to receive your microloan in case of a positive decision.

To clarify your doubts you can contact the Creditomovil staff, in addition to obtaining a series of additional services totally free, if you did not have problems with previous payments.

As you can see, using you can request a pretty serious amount of money quickly with only if you have any device connected to the Internet.

Customer service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And millions of customers have already visited them, who have been satisfied by the high level of services provided and the humane treatment shown. They are responsible, and they also assume the responsibility of their clients.

The company offers you the option to extend your loan. It is better to extend than to default, and we want to help you.

If you need money already, your easy credit is waiting for you. This is creditomovil, we make it easy for you!


new year creditomovil provides you with several options so that you can return the borrowed money without problem. It has a personal area of the client, where you can enter entering the number of your mobile phone and your pin code that will be generated by the web page once you have made your request for a microloan. There you can make an instant payment of the amount you want. It is a secure payment system, where the confidentiality of your data will always be respected.

You can also make the payment by means of a bank card of any bank. This operation will not generate any additional cost. In the customer service they will guide you through the entire process.

You can also pay by making an account deposit or with a bank transfer. The only thing you should remember here, is not forgetting to put your ID or NIE in the concept field.

Remember that you have the option to extend the date of payment of your credit. You can extend the term up to 2 times. Each time you extend, we extend the term in 15 days. That is, you will have a total possibility to extend your micro credit for a period of 30 days.


First, extending is cheaper than paying, since the cost would be approximately the same as asking for fast money for the number of days carried over. Imagine, for example, that you have requested a loan for a period of 45 days, and for certain reasons you can not settle the amounts on time. You ask for an extension of 15 days, and if we calculate in general, it turns out that they lent you easy money for a maximum of 60 days, instead of 45. Or if you want to extend more, 15 more days, it will be 75 days. This way you will have more days to return your loan online, without infringing the conditions with the company.

Secondly, for Creditomovil you will not be considered as a customer who incurs default, which opens up ample possibilities to request more quick loans in the future. The company, like you, is interested in the transparency and trust of your relationships.

If you have any doubt, please contact They will help you and explain everything to you in detail. And have a good holiday, because, what we believe in, is that you deserve it!