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There is no doubt that none of us is immune to unexpected financial problems. The good thing that we know today is that the best way to deal with urgent problems is to take a microcredit online. In previous articles of, we already talked about the advantages of instant loans and how to choose the lender.

Surely, you already know a lot about how to choose a mini credit, with all the information that there is on the subject on our website. Now it is time to go deeper into the subject and limit the search to the best microfinance institutions. is a young financial institution based in Barcelona. Its main advantage is that the company creates efficiency and reliability.

In fact, getting your money fast online is possible in just 15 minutes after your application! Maybe it sounds a little incredible to you, but it’s true. Why are we so sure of a perfect result? First, the company has a lot of positive feedback from customers. In addition, credit conditions are very accessible, which can not be said of many other competitors. Getting a quick loan has never been easier.


The competitive advantage of the company is a payment extension service. Not all lenders offer this service. Although the use of this service is not recommended, it is a priority to pay the debt on time. It is better to prepare in advance of the payment date, since it is not difficult to separate a little money to pay. You should understand that if a late payment is made, it can later affect your credit history, and you can easily be denied the next loan.

However, if you face some insurmountable obstacles to pay the mini loan at the agreed time, then 1Credit allows you to extend the repayment period in up to thirty days, but you will have to pay a commission. Just get in touch with the customer service and explain to the agent your situation. However, we do not recommend voluntarily and consciously delaying the payment of your credit.

The first time you can request between 50 and 300 euros. This is enough to solve some immediate problems, right? However, if to solve this situation, you need a larger amount, then you can ask for more, but this can only be done after the payment of the first loan. If you do not have problems with paying the loan on time, the second time you will be able to enjoy quick money in the amount of 50 to 800 euros. This amount will be enough to solve your problems and wait until the day you receive your salary, right?

Just go to the website and spend only 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire and data verification. On the main page of the site there is a simple form. It is very simple and you will not have problems with filling. You will have to enter your personal information such as the full name, date of birth, place of work, income information, and of course the DNI / NIE numbers. 1Credito is a decent company, and it is not necessary to take risks. It should not surprise you that after the introduction of information about your person, it is also necessary to provide a scanned version of a reference copy of the work or other proof of income.


In addition, you will have to provide a copy of your bank book or a photo of your online accounts – bank. All these data are necessary for security companies. Absolutely all these companies require this information, so it is not surprising at all. If you do not provide reliable information about your identity and your income, you will not be approved even a mini-credit of even 100 euros. Therefore, we must take it seriously.

Once you have completed the survey, click on the “Apply Now” button, and wait for a response from the specialists. Any decision on your request, you will know it through SMS or email. If approved, your precious online loan will be transferred to your designated bank account in 15 minutes. How fast! Once the money is credited to your account, you will be able to dispose of them as you wish. But do not forget that the money must be returned on time.

So, what is the most important in this process? It is necessary to have a computer, or even a phone or tablet connected to the Internet. But before filling out a form, you need to make sure that it meets the requirements of the company. You must be over 18 years of age, be a citizen of Spain and be able to confirm your identity with ID or NIE. In addition, you must be the owner of a personal bank account and a mobile phone. And, of course, do not forget the income certificate.


Maybe you still have questions about one more thing – the commissions. Unlike all the others, 1Credito has a very special collection system. All online credit expenses are calculated individually for each client. Then, the final amount you will only know after filling out a form and sending the request. What could be more fair?

The portal wishes you all the best in the financial field!