Your first free credit with Wonga

Your first free credit with Wonga

If you need a free or almost free loan, the Wonga microfinance institution offers you a loan for only 5 euros. It is an excellent option to enjoy online mini-credit practically free of charge. An online microcredit can be a great help in many unexpected and force majeure situations that may occur in the life of each one of us. Sometimes inconveniences arise, such as the need to do a car repair that can not wait, or the renovation of appliances. You may also need to urgently pay a utility bill, or the services of a locksmith or plumber. As you know, many situations can happen, in which an online and free loan will go great.

And as we know, emergencies require money urgently. And if you do not have the necessary amount at the moment, your solution is to request a mini-credit in the Wonga company. The loan for only 5 euros is a miraculous offer. Wonga is a very reliable microloan company with good opinions, which we will describe in detail here on our web site, so you know how to get free money. Requesting urgent money in Wonga, apart from solving your financial situation, you will be able to familiarize yourself with this financial product, which will cost you almost nothing. For example, asking for a small amount of free credit in a bank today is almost impossible. And if we compare the pile of paperwork they ask for, and the time it takes to analyze the application, the inconvenience is evident. Better go to a micro financial company that issues good amounts of money, practically free and instantly. There you can ask for as much money as you need, starting at 50 euros, and no one will ask you to urge you.


How to receive a free loan with Wonga?

With the micro financial company Wonga it is very easy to receive an almost free loan, for an amount that does not exceed 300 euros. The algorithm of your steps is very simple – you have to choose the amount of money you need and the repayment terms of the loan. Then your request will be processed, and when your fast money online is approved, you will receive it instantly in your bank account.

For example, if you request 300 euros, you only have to return 305 euros. It is an excellent option of borrowed money practically free.

How to extend a quick loan with

Whenever you want to return your loan online after the deadline, you can request an extension. It is important that you request the extension of your credit before the return date. The extension of the payment term will have a small cost, but the interest rate will not change. It is a very good option and will allow you to have a longer period to make the payment, and at the same time not incur in non-payment. It is very important to extend the term of the loan if you face difficulties with paying, since this way you can return all borrowed money later and without worsening your credit history.

How to return a quick loan with Wonga?

The company Wonga offers several options at your disposal so you can return your loan quickly without problems. It is possible to make the payment with a bank card (debit / credit), by means of a bank transfer, or also by making an automatic recovery of the loan from your debit card.

What are the advantages of Wonga credits?

The first big advantage is that your first credit in Wonga will be practically free and it will only cost you 5 euros, regardless of the amount of quick money you need. For example, if you request 50, you return 55; if you will request 250 – you will return 255, and so on. In total, you can enjoy amounts between 50 and 600 euros. The first time it is possible to request only an amount of up to 300 euros, and the following times up to 600.

We, as a team at, should point out that you will have excellent money maturities – up to 60 days to return your online credit . As you can see, it is very easy to enjoy the best interests of the microfinance market, since Wonga has practically free advantageous loans.

You can also extend the deadline for returning the money, if you do not have the possibility to pay on time. For this you only have to contact the specialists of Wonga, inform them about the desired return period of your loan and extend it.